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Welcome to BOOMERoom®

Many Classic Artists we love are still creating great new songs!

We call these new songs (NEWdies®), generally songs released at least 20 years after the first release of a Classic Artist. We’ve never heard most of these new songs because radio and television cater to the younger generation, leaving no ROOM for new BOOMER music...or, even for GEN X music! Our NEWdies® Radio station has been created to promote this new music, If you hear a new song enough that you like, you may actually buy it!

Classic Artists on our site are wide ranging, generationally... from Artists who started their careers in the 1950’s through those who first burst on the scene in the mid 1990’s... and all Classic Artists in between. Annually, we add more brand name Classic Artists, and their music, to our database, as each Artist reaches the 20 years of experience mark. So BOOMERoom® is dynamic and not just for baby boomers. Presently, we provide music from both BOOMER and GEN X Classic Artists.

Membership Benefits
  • Free NEWdies® Radio
  • Over 10,000,000 Songs; Over 25,000 Classic Artists
  • Proprietary NEWdies® New Music Search Tools
  • Buy and Member-Rate Albums and Songs
  • Create and Share Customized Playlists
  • Join Classic Artist Fan Clubs
  • Find Concert and Tour Dates
  • Social Network of Music Fans and Classic Artists
  • Create and Join Groups and Events
  • Interact within Forums and Blogs

... and much more!

Music Discovery

Music Discovery is easy on BOOMERoom® . Members can perform a simple Blue Bar search for one specific Artist, Album or Song of interest. Alternatively, one can use our proprietary Advanced Filters and Sorts. If a Member’s formative years, generationally, were, say, 1965 to 1975, the Member can filter for all Artists that recorded oldies during those years and that also have new music on our site. This is one of several Advanced Filters and Sort options, created for a unique music discovery experience.

Our Mission

The BOOMERoom® Music Network ( has been created to consolidate all new music of Classic Artists in one place, along with all the oldies, within an interactive proprietary Music Discovery and Social Network.