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Help - How to Use

BOOMERoom® is two different websites in one, a music discovery/ transaction site… as well as a social network, created to facilitate discussion, creation and promotion of great new music from Classic Artists.

The Music Discovery Top Links

The links on the top of the site provide access to the music related elements of BOOMERoom®. Here you can find and search for your favorite Artists, Albums and Songs, using a simple “Blue Bar” search or the hidden Advanced Filters & Sorts. You also can do a “Blue Bar” search on any page of the website.

Simple Search Using Blue Search Bar

To find a specific Artist, simply type in the name and click on the icon. The search will default to a broad search for names similar to what you typed. Notice the pop out option to mark a check, to do an Exact Match. This is often quicker, if you have the correct spelling of the name.

To find specific Albums and Songs, first CLICK in the search box BEFORE typing. A second search box will appear under the first one. Simply type in the name of Album or Song in the top box and the name of the Artist in the bottom box. Now click on the icon. If you wish to see ALL Albums or Songs from one Artist, do not type any Album or Song name in the top box; type ONLY the Artist name and click on the search icon. This search is an alternative to finding an Artist’s Albums and Songs via an Artist search, which provides a different link, to that Artist’s biography, music and related artists.

Blue Bar searches default and provide results for Artists that had Top 100 Hits. This default can be changed in the Advanced Filters & Sorts section. You may also combine Blue Bar inputs with those of the Advanced Filters & Sorts, to further refine search results.

Search Using Advanced Filters and Sorts

For creating specific lists of Artists, Albums or Songs, you can use the hidden Advanced Filters & Sorts to discover music Alphabetically or by Genre, Artist Type, Artist Hit History or Artist Oldies Years of Activity. In addition, check out Timeline, another Advanced Filter, to search for either new music, (NEWdies™), or Oldies.

The Advanced Filter, Artists With Oldies (From and To) allows a Member to insert a range of years of “Oldies” recording activity of interest. So, if a Member spent his, or her, formative years in the 1960’s, a range of 1960-1970 could be used to find all the Artists that had an impact on that Member, growing up. Then the Member could see a list of all these Classic Artists, and/or their new music, by simply choosing NEWdies™ from the Timeline Advanced Filter.

Search results from an Advanced Filter can be Sorted by Site Popularity, Alphabetically, Member Ratings, Release Year, Randomly or the Artists’ Number of Hits. Both the blue Advanced Filters & Sorts button and the black and white icon on the Blue Bar can be used to get results of a search. Blue Bar inputs can be combined with those of the Advanced Filters & Sorts, to further refine search results.

After using filters to search for Artists, simply click on the Artist desired, from the Artists List generated, and then link to that Artist’s music profile, which includes a biography,related artists and a full musical history of albums, together with each album’s song list. Here, you will find the music of each Artist segregated between NEWdies™ (      tags ) and Oldies (      tags ). These are further categorized as either Prime Originals or reissued Compilations, Remixes & Others, identified by a      tag or      tag. Albums with five or less songs, such as Singles and EP’s, are shown as “Small”. Others, with six or more songs, are shown as “FullAlbums, for ease of music discovery.

Tagging & Saving Artists and Music To Your “My” Left Side Links

You can identify and “Favorite”(by clicking on the icon) or “Pin & Share”(by clicking on the icon) the Artist, Album or Song, thereby adding these items to your personal "My Artists" or "My Music" pages, for future reference. A “Favorite“ indication is used heavily in our calculation of that item’s Site Popularity ranking, which will assist all Members in discovering new music. “Pinning & Sharing” an item allows a Member to share that item with any of that member's "Roommates".

For each Album or Song, Members may personally rate the item with 1-5 stars by clicking on the stars that appear for each Album or Song. The Ratings are calculated from the average of all Member Ratings on that Album or Song.

Create music playlists (by clicking on the icon), which automatically updates your "My Playlists" page. Playlists can be “Pinned & Shared” with a Member’s “Roommates”.

You can purchase music (by clicking on the icon) throughout the website. A purchase will add to your personal "My Shopping History" page. Enjoy free access Radio and discover new music that you love and want to buy.

The Icons

The BOOMERoom® website utilizes various interactive icons to help Members use the site effectively. For a complete list of all icons please Click Here or find the link "Index of Icons" at the bottom of each page

How To Look For Within An Artist's Profile Page

To find NEWdiesSongs within an Artist’s Profile page, you can simply click the Songs button under tab or you can click the Albums button, and then click on a specific Album, which will display that Album’s songs.

Because Albums can contain a mix of first-time release Songs, coupled with Songs that the Artist had previously released, we have created a simple system to classify Albums as Prime Original Albums or Albums, which are Compilations, Remixes & Others.

If any Album contains at least one first-time release Song, i.e. a NEWdies™ timeline released NEWdiesSong, the entire ALBUM is classified as a NEWdiesAlbum. Then, if this NEWdiesAlbum ALSO has at least one previously released Song on it, the entire ALBUM will be classified as a NEWdiesAlbum, which is a Compilation, Remix & Other.

So to find NEWdiesSongs by drilling down into any Artist’s specific Album, you will need to look at BOTH NEWdies™ Prime Original Albums as well as those Albums, which are classified as Compilations, Remixes & Others.

In a NEWdiesPrime Original Album, ALL Songs are Prime Original (first-time release) Songs. A NEWdiesAlbum, which is a Compilation, Remix & Other, may contain:

  • SOME NEWdiesPrime Original (first-time release) Songs;
  • SOME NEWdiesSongs which are Compilations, Remixes & Others of previously released NEWdiesSongs; and,
  • SOME Oldies Songs which are Compilations, Remixes & Others of previously released Oldies Songs.

Any combination of the above is possible. So in an Artist Profile page, be sure to look at ALL the Albums buttons under the tab so you don’t miss any great new music.

The Social Network Left Links

The links on the left side of the site provide access to the BOOMERoom® social network, where you may find other Members with commons interests in music and other subjects as well. There are two types of left side links, site global “Room For All” links and Member customized personal “My” links.

“Room For All” Links

In “Room For All” Members, you can search for other members by Member type, ranging from Music Fans to Classic Artists and other Music Professional Member categories.

In “Room For All” links, you may search the site for Groups to join, including Fan Clubs, posted Photos to view, musical and other Events to attend, Classified Ads with music related memorabilia and other items for sale, as well as Blogs and Forums in which to participate. You and other members will create the content of our social network, hopefully spreading the word and sharing our Classic Artists’ great new music with others.

“My” Links

As a Member, you will have a “My Profile” page, which is a snapshot, partial overview, of all your interests. Full details of your interests can be found by accessing your other “My” links on the left side of the website. For convenience, these same “My” links can also be found immediately above your Profile picture.

To view another Member’s Profile and learn about them, simply perform a Member List search via the “Room For All” Members link. Select a Member and you will then see their personal Profile page. From there, you can find full details of his, or her, interests by selecting that Member’s personal links just above their Profile picture.

You can invite a Member to become your Roommate via the “Add as Roommate” option, which appears next to each Member’s name, after completing a “Room For All” Member search. Roommates can share Messages and also Music, via the Pin & Share feature. Roommates can invite each other to attend Events or join a Group, in which they are participating. In short, only Roommates can interact directly together on the site.

Each Member will be able to use the site’s privacy settings to restrict access to certain personal information. For example, Messages and a Member’s Shopping Cart information may be items a Member would want to hide from other Members. Privacy settings can be found in the Edit Profile section of your “My Profile” page.

The Music Pro+™ Sub Network For Music Professionals

If you are a Music Professional Member, you may participate, collaborate and transact business in our private Music Pro™ network Group, a subset of our full member social network. Classic Artists that join as Members will have a Member profile that they may, at their option, also reveal to all website Members. Music Pro +™ Members are able to click on the icon next to each listed Album and Song, to indicate the specific music content with which they have been associated. Importing an Artist’s Full Music Profile (not personal profile), derived from an Artist search, is a simple alternative for Classic Artists to add ALL their music at once to their Creative Works list. These Creative Works listings are available to be viewed by all other Music Pro +™ Members, to encourage creation of new music. For example, a Classic Artist might review Creative Works and find a songwriter that he, or she, never worked with before.

Members can notify any Artist that they are a Fan of that Artist. However, two-way interactivity directly between Members will be available if a Member “accepts” another Member’s invitation to become a “Roommate”.

Member Feedback

Finally, some Albums and Songs may be misclassified as or Oldies because accurate Original Release Years are unavailable from record label and industry sources. Some other Albums and Songs may also be misclassified as To Artist. To improve the accuracy of our database and to enhance your music discovery experience, BOOMERoom® encourages its Members to submit Original Release Years to us and inform us of Albums or Songs misclassified as to Artist. Please use Member Feedback to do so.

Members will create and shape many components of our website. We welcome Member ideas to improve your user experience. There is a Member Feedback link at the bottom of the site, as well as on various music discovery pages. Alternatively you can click on the icon displayed on the Album or Song.

We hope you enjoy the BOOMERoom® Music Network.